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Typical parenting strategies don't work well for a child who has ADHD. Learn why that is and what you can do about it by reading my free e-book.

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A Modern Guide to Parenting Children with ADHD

Parent Coaching

Parenting kids with ADHD is hard! I know, because I live it too. I understand the parenting challenges ADHD can bring on a level that other therapists simply can’t without having lived it. Parent coaching can help.

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Family Therapy

You’re sick of having the same argument again and again. You’ve read self help books but nothing seems to help. Your child procrastinates, can’t get organized and flies off the handle at the smallest correction. Family therapy can help.

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Therapy For Veterans

You’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and lost. Transitioning from the structure of the military to your life as a civilian turned out to be harder than you thought. You’re smart, resourceful, and hard working but now, finding the right path for your future seems daunting. Therapy can help.

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Individual Therapy

You never thought this would happen to you but here you are feeling stuck and searching the Internet for a therapist. You just want to feel happy again. Individual therapy can help.

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Hello, I'm Kelly.

I am passionate about helping families decrease conflict and improve their sense of connection to one another through supportive, non-judgmental therapy and parent coaching. I see a wide range of family relationships, from those that are coping with depression or anxiety to those that are navigating life with ADHD. My inspiration comes from my own two courageous, sensitive, adventurous kids who inspire and challenge me to stay current in the research and creative in my parenting.

I welcome all people who are ready to take their first step on the path toward greater self-awareness, a more confident and balanced sense of self, and overall greater feelings of well being for both you and those you love.

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