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Parent Coaching
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The frustration that comes with knowing your child is smart but can’t remember to do simple things, the intensity that comes with strong emotions, the worry that impulsive mistakes can be dangerous in today’s digital world. These are the things we worry about as parents of children with ADHD. How do you find the balance that will support your child enough but not hinder their sense of independence? How do you help them succeed when typical parenting strategies don’t seem to work? Can you learn to stop yelling so you can enjoy spending time with your child again? Parent coaching helps parents help their kids and effective ADHD treatment includes parent coaching.

ADHD is actually a brain-based condition that has a strong genetic influence. Inadequate parenting does not cause it! The most current research confirms that the condition appears to be at least partly due to differences in how the brain is structured. This means that behaviors that look like laziness, sloppiness or forgetfulness are more likely due to the brains structural differences.

Parenting with an understanding of the differences in a brain with ADHD can reverse the challenges it brings

When skills are taught with the brain differences in mind, behaviors improve because learning can be reinforced effectively. Parent coaching teaches parents about the brain differences in ADHD and how to adapt parenting strategies to become more effective. This allows parents and children to learn new ways to solve problems and create a structure that supports your child's unique needs. There is hope! It starts with learning about ADHD neurology so that you can approach parenting roadblocks with a whole different kind of awareness.

Parent coaching includes:

  • Providing current scientifically supported information and resources about ADHD neurology
  • Identifying and prioritizing specific goals and first steps for creating change
  • Learning adaptive coping strategies to reduce parenting stress
  • Providing motivation and support
  • Teaching specific skills to overcome obstacles

Uniquely qualified as both a clinician and parent to children with ADHD, I am passionate about helping families learn how to promote the gifts of your child’s true potential that may be hidden or diminished by the symptoms of ADHD.

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Typical parenting strategies don't work well for a child who has ADHD. Learn why that is and what you can do about it by reading my free e-book.

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