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Empowered Parenting for ADHD

Children with ADHD do their best when they know what to expect. Establishing a consistent routine for morning time, homework…

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Owl image 10 ways to relax at bedtime

10 Simple Ways to Relax at Bedtime

This is a guest post by Erika Zheng of Just Letter Perfect Proofreading & Writing Do you find yourself lying…

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Avoid power struggles and Calm Chaos

Avoid Power Struggles & Calm Chaos

Every parent knows the feeling when we want or need our kid to do something and that simple request blows…

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To Parents of Rising 6th Graders with ADHD

Here’s what you need to know about middle school. This information is especially important to read if your child has…

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Simple Parenting Tweaks that Work for Kids with ADHD

Many parents feel helpless and frustrated at times but if your child has ADHD, you may feel this way more…

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Welcome to my blog! This is where I post information, links and helpful hints about all things related to living well with ADHD. Read on to learn more about what this brain difference really is and what you can do about it if you or someone you love is impacted by ADHD.
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Typical parenting strategies don't work well for a child who has ADHD. Learn why that is and what you can do about it by reading my free e-book. You can reduce chaos & conflict at home by learning the facts about ADHD.

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