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Empowered Parenting for ADHD

Children with ADHD do their best when they know what to expect. Establishing a consistent routine for morning time, homework time, playtime and bedtime helps a child feel confident and secure while also smoothing transitions from one activity to the next. The following 5 strategies support executive functioning and are useful tools for establishing structure…

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10 Simple Ways to Relax at Bedtime

This is a guest post by Erika Zheng of Just Letter Perfect Proofreading & Writing Do you find yourself lying awake long after you’ve turned the light off and decided it’s time to sleep? Do you struggle with being able to relax enough to drift off? It can be hard to wind down after a…

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Avoid Power Struggles & Calm Chaos

Every parent knows the feeling when we want or need our kid to do something and that simple request blows up into an all-out battle of the wills. Your child refuses to do what you’ve asked and you’re feeling more and more angry as the battle goes on. There are no winners in a power…

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To Parents of Rising 6th Graders with ADHD

Here’s what you need to know about middle school. This information is especially important to read if your child has ADHD and didn’t have difficulties in elementary school. If you’ve already read my e-book, you know that the primary feature of ADHD is a deficit of regulation. Difficulty regulating means the brain has difficulty organizing…

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Simple Parenting Tweaks that Work for Kids with ADHD

Many parents feel helpless and frustrated at times but if your child has ADHD, you may feel this way more often. It’s not uncommon for parents I see in my therapy practice to report feeling overwhelmingly frustrated and exhausted by the effort it takes to enforce simple daily routines. That’s because typical parenting strategies don’t…

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4 Tips to Avoid Overstimulation this Holiday

It’s the most magical time of the year, but too much magic can lead to exhaustion, sensory overload and challenging behaviors! Overstimulation occurs when there are too many sights, sounds, or activities going on in the environment for a person to handle. The typical holiday season creates changes in routine and diet that when added…

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